You have saved for years. Your old kitchen no longer functions optimally. You have done your research and are ready to embrace a new space. The question is, what do you want your new kitchen to look like and how can you make it the custom kitchen of your dreams?

3 Reasons to Consider a Custom Kitchen

Why should you consider designing a custom kitchen? Why stop at one reason? We’ll give you three! You might want to consider renovating your space with a custom design in mind for several reasons, but here are instances when it makes logical sense. You have;

  1. An irregular shaped room
  2. A wide assortment of kitchen implements of varying sizes to house
  3. A personal statement you want to make

Irregular Shaped Rooms

custom kitchen designThere is no getting around it. When you have a unique space, it can sometimes be more difficult to design for. Maybe there are windows to work around, a large peninsula that divides your room awkwardly, or you have a hard to reach corner that ends up serving as a catch-all for never-to-be-seen-again items.

Regardless of your preexisting space configurations, there is still plenty of ways to design a kitchen. Sometimes it just takes some creative thinking and a custom layout that you can’t get from a big box store. While it is often a good idea to stick with an existing layout—think flow between doors, appliances, sink—you have the ability to change up size of cabinetry, whether you incorporate open shelving, or switch out pot drawers for cupboards. A kitchen contractor can walk you through what works in your kitchen and where improvements can be made. All sized and custom fitted to your specific dimensions and tastes.

Variety of Kitchen Implements to House

Pot drawers offer space to catch all your kitchen implements We have all been tempted by the newest gadgets on the market at one point or another. Did you purchase an Instant Pot, when everyone was posting recipes a few years ago? Or maybe you bought a bread maker during our endless lockdowns in 2020, only to discover that you had no decent place to house your appliances? You are not alone. And many of our favourite time-saving tools take up an awful lot of real estate in our cupboards.

The answer—a custom kitchen that incorporates space for everything from a variety of cookie sheets and pizza stones, to your toaster, stand mixer, waffle maker, tupperware, plus pots and pans, and even your tableware! At Revival Home Renovations, we can install garbage and recycling stations, cutlery and kitchen tool dividers, spice drawers, and handy pull-out corner units. Let us know what you have and we can come up with custom design solutions to ensure it all fits your space in a useable way.

Personal Statement

Personalized custom kitchens speak to who you are and what you need from your kitchen There is no question that your home is your castle and oasis. It is where we go to relax, unwind, connect with family, and entertain guests. The kitchen is always the heart of that. And where no two people are ever the same, likewise, every home is imprinted by its owners. The kitchen is no exception.

Your kitchen should reflect who you are, what you use the space for, and how the room works within the rest of your home. Just as no two snowflakes are ever the same, no two kitchens are either. Their design should reflect that. When you renovate your space, you have the opportunity to personalize it as well. By using a professional kitchen contractor, you get exactly what you are looking for in a custom kitchen.

So whether you love to bake, you prioritize convenience over extravagant meal planning, or you use every pot and pan in your house every time you concoct a meal, Revival Renovations can help craft the custom kitchen of your dreams, no matter the size, shape or layout of your existing kitchen. Because you are worth it.