One of the most frequent items on people’s wish lists when tackling kitchen renovations, is creating more space. How do you add space when you are working with a finite amount of room though? We have a few tricks up our sleeves.

Space saving devices

There are plenty of ways to create more space in a kitchen. Hint: it is often in the initial design.

How to Create More Space in your Kitchen

If space is at a premium in your kitchen, there are ways to squeeze just a little more storage out of your room. Often it is in the design. Good design goes a long way to helping create more room to work with, even if your overall square footprint isn’t what you would like.

Get the Microwave off the Counter

Counterspace is often at a premium in many kitchens. You need it for prep and serving, but it often gets lost to small appliances. One way to free up valuable counterspace is by tucking your microwave into your island or a built-in shelf in your cupboards. You need to make sure they are properly vented, but the extra counterspace is well worth the effort.

Add Drawer Organizers

Drawer organizers are amazing space savers. Not only do they keep everything neater, but by organizing the items in your drawer, you effectively create space too. Sometimes it is by eliminating extras, but oftentimes, it is just by having things neater and tidier. Haphazardly organized items tend to take up more space and create visual clutter, while neatly organized items tend to simplify your drawers.

slide-out pantryInstall a Slide-Out Pantry

Don’t stop at your drawers. Keep your pantry more organized with a slide-out unit. We can’t say it enough. Organized spaces always look better and also allow for more storage. Plus, an organized pantry makes for less time to find items and also take stock of what you need when it comes times to shop.


There are plenty of other ways to create room in your kitchen, from tearing down walls to expand the actual room, to purging items you don’t use or have duplicates of, to purchasing smaller appliances. If you are looking for a few more tricks to c, think about what you have in your kitchen and how you might be able to store it. Sometimes a little ingenuity goes a long way.