Taking rough concepts to concrete reality isn’t always easy. That is why Revival Home Renovations began to use 3D drawings in our kitchen renovation projects. We sit down with clients, talk about the vision they have for their kitchen transformation, and then get to work. We need measurements, a game plan, and a commitment to the work at hand. Once a contract is in place, we move on to the next step to render an image of what the final product will look like.

It has been game changing. 

A Look at 3D Drawings

Since we introduced 3D renderings for our kitchen designs, the business has been transformed. People love the 3D drawings. Clients have always been able to share their ideas, but now when they say they want the fridge moved over there or the sink placed under the window, they get a vivid image of what that will actually look like.

You want white cabinets? See them in all their glory in the drawings. Once you have seen them, you aren’t feeling all that white? We can change the look of the design by picking a different colour choice—maybe white uppers with blue lowers? Or even better, bring in some natural wood in the island! 

With 3D drawings, you can change colours, locations, styles, and more, before anything is ordered or work begins. Remove an upper cabinet and replace it with open shelves. Change the floor from light wood to dark tile. Same thing goes for countertops, hardware, and anything else you need to decide upon when designing your dream kitchen. 

Changes with 3D drawings

As you can see from these images, in this kitchen we changed the overall layout in addition to cabinets, countertops, lighting, and flooring. As you might also note, there are differences between the original kitchen on the left, the middle 3D rendering, and the finished product on the right. Why is that?

When the homeowners saw the images, they changed their mind.

Originally, the clients thought they wanted white shaker cabinets with black handles, and a bluish backsplash. We went to work and created a 3D drawing. After looking at the images, they decided that the cabinets were fine, but a darker floor might be better. They waffled back and forth on blue or white subway tiles. A tall, skinny, full-depth cabinet was added beside the fridge and full-depth cabinet was added above. Plus, the dishwasher was changed into a single-door cabinet unit. Could we make those changes? 


That is the beauty of these drawings. You get a realistic picture of what the finished product is going to look like, giving you a better vision of your kitchen once the project is done. And our clients love it. 

In case you were wondering, we can also provide 3D drawing for custom cabinetry in other areas of your home. For those looking for built-ins, we can create 3D renderings for those too, as seen with this built-in unit we created for another client. Contact us to discuss your project and ask about 3D drawings.