Kitchens provide families with memories that last a lifetime. Whether one remembers cooking holiday dinners or simply eating pancakes on the weekends.

Keep that idea in mind when you remodel your kitchen.

Something as important as the cabinets and countertops is the kitchen lighting. We’re here to share some ideas so you can get the lighting just right.

Read on to get inspired by these 7 kitchen lighting ideas.

1. Task Lighting

You already know the importance of overhead lighting in a kitchen, however, you also need to focus on having the right amount of task lighting.

Add task lighting to places where most of the meal prep will take places such as under the cabinets or by the stove or sink.

2. Industrial Lighting

In 2018, if you’re considering spicing up your kitchen, why not do it with some industrial lighting.

Many love the contrast of classic kitchens and the surprise industrial lights. When it comes to industrial lights there are many options for your kitchen.

You can choose the classic industrial pendants or pick something with a little more brass.

3. Silver Orbs

Let’s face it, aside from a few things here and there, kitchens are all about sharp edges.

So why not add a few spherical details? Think in terms of disco balls but more suited for your kitchen.

Metalic lighting spheres could give your kitchen a nice touch and your newly remodeled kitchen will fill with originality.

4. Ambient Lighting

Sure, you want your kitchen to be bright and well lit to be able to cook your best recipes.

However, you should also think of adding some ambient lighting for when you want to have intimate kitchen dinners in your kitchen under dimmed lights.

And when you show guests your renovated kitchen for the first time, you’ll want it to make an impression.

5. Lanterns

Lanterns are a fixture you don’t see every day in a kitchen. Some may say they’re best suited for backyards.

However, you should consider as your statement kitchen lighting. A couple large lanterns would look great hanging over your kitchen island, and place smaller lanterns in other places of the kitchen to bring the look together.

6. Swarovski Chandelier

If you’re a fan of crystal glasses, then you might want to think of having a Swarovski chandelier hanging over your kitchen island.

The chandelier will give your kitchen an air of elegance and will make you love walking into your kitchen.

7. Statement Chandelier

When you picture a chandelier, you think of luxury, a grand entrance, or maybe a fancy dinner table.

However, statement chandeliers also go great in your kitchen. If you’re in the initial stages of remodeling your kitchen, why not try to fit in a chandelier.

It will look great hanging over your kitchen island, especially if you mean to use it as entertaining space.

Try These Kitchen Lighting Ideas

We hoped these kitchen lighting ideas provide you with inspiration for your next remodeling project.

No matter what you pick, make sure your kitchen reflects your personality.

If you’re looking for kitchen inspiration, check out our portfolio and contact us for a quote.