Adding Colour Into a White Kitchen

White kitchens offer a classic and timeless look. With a clean and simple palette, white is the perfect springboard to add colour into the rest of your kitchen. Is it possible to add colour into a white kitchen and still create a designer feel though? Of course!

Adding Colour Into a White Kitchen

Whether you are looking to achieve a modern design or classic vibe, there are plenty of ways to bring colour into your kitchen. Some ways start early in the design process.

By creating a two-tone kitchen, you get the beauty of a white kitchen with the added bonus of a pop of colour. Try different coloured upper and lower cabinets, or a different colour for the island versus the rest of the kitchen cabinets.

Your countertop is another great place to make a colourful statement to stand out from the rest of a white kitchen. Even if all your cabinets are white, you can set them apart with a myriad of colour for your kitchen countertops. 

Even your choice in flooring can draw the eye. You get a different tone, whether you choose wood, laminate, ceramic tiles, or another option in flooring. Floors are a great way to create a visual pop against an otherwise white kitchen. 

Adding Colour with Design Elements

There are other less permanent, and often less costly ways to bring colour into a white kitchen in more subtle ways. Consider adding colour with some of these elements;

      • backsplash
      • hardware
      • light fixtures
      • appliances
      • paint
      • art

White kitchens will always hold an endearing quality for people. While some see a stark surface, others understand the beauty and embrace the possibilities you can bring with this fresh palette. If you are thinking about white for your next kitchen renovation, go for it! Let Revival Home Renovations help transform your home starting today.