Did you put away your tape measure? Not so fast. There are a few more things you need to measure when tackling home renovations. You might have thought about the size of your appliances, but there are plenty more angles and measurements to consider. Every square inch needs to be accounted for, regardless of the size of your space.

Angles and Measures

Think kitchen renovations are all about design? Don’t forget the math! Especially when it comes to kitchen renovations. There are so many measurements that require exact fits, that you want to ensure you get those numbers perfect down to the last 1/8 of an inch before you dream of ordering, cutting, or moving anything.

Appliances – You might have measured your appliances to ensure they fit in the hole in the counter, but did you remember to take into consider their moving parts? Can you open the door and still access the inside of your fridge or safely put food in the oven? Will your dishwasher door lay flat so you can slide the bottom rack out to load dishes?

Doorways – Don’t stop at the door and think that’s all there is to your doorway. Doors are more than just a space for people to move thru. You also have to take into consideration what else might move thru them. Have you ever thought about how you are going to get that appliance or that countertop into the kitchen? What else is near that doorway that might obstruct the flow of items thru it? Can you pivot your cabinet around the corner? Will you be able to get your kitchen box thru the opening and be able to stand it upright in the room? Sometimes that requires some in-depth calculations. Who knew geometry would come in so handy in real world applications?!

Vents – Hood vents introduce another angle into the equation. Like dryer vents, you want to have as few bends as possible. Every bend introduces another space for dirt and grease to get trapped. Before you install an outdoor venting hood, think about where you plan to vent it and how you can do so with the fewest bends in pipes as possible.

Plumbing – Another place where you want the least amount of bends as possible is under your sink. Like air, water flows better in a straight line, without being slowed down by bends and angles. Less bends make for less pipes under your sink too, leaving more room for storage.

A Final Word to Level Up Your Reno

Even if you have all of your angles and measurements correct, you still need to keep one other tool handy—a level. Keep in mind that most homes, especially older ones, might not have perfectly square ceilings, walls, or floors. You need to have a level surface to install appliances, cabinets, and countertops. With an unlevel cabinet, you might find doors that don’t open or close smoothly. An unlevel counter affects the fit of appliances and your overall look of the room. Grab your level, squeeze in a shim or two, and get a polished look you’ll be proud to show off once the dust has been swept away.

If math was never your strong suit, you just might want to leave that kitchen renovation project to the experts at Revival Home Renovations. We wrap our heads around all the tools of the trade daily and wield a mighty level. Call us to talk to our experts today.