Including a backsplash into your kitchen design has become standard practice in recent years. For good reason! Backsplashes protect your walls, add design elements, and just help to bring the room together. Gone are the days when you just slapped up a few tiles behind the stove though. Why stop there when you’ve got a good thing going?

backsplashes everywhere

Backsplashes and Beyond

So where have backsplashes migrated to, you ask? You can find them everywhere! From counter to ceiling. Stretching from walls to around corners. You can even continue them across the room to add a sense of continuity in your design makeup. They don’t even all have to be the same tile or colour! Create a focal point in the room by using a different colour, style, or layout with your tiles.

What are the perks of this design trend?

  • Taking your backsplash to the ceiling makes smaller rooms look larger
  • Extending your pattern around a corner gives continuity to design
  • Extensive coverage gives a cleaner and more sophisticated look
  • Using cheaper tiles in a larger area is more cost effective than a more expensive material in smaller doses
  • More backsplash means less paint (for those who dread painting)

Drawing the Line

backsplash focus wallThis doesn’t mean you have to add your backsplash to everything. There are so many decisions to be made when it comes to backsplashes. Deciding where to end your line is important too. While the natural break might be under your cabinets, there are times when that might not work. If the bottom of a window isn’t level with your cabinets, you have to decide where to end your tiles—with the window, cabinets, or somewhere in the middle. Likewise, if your cabinets end while your wall continues, you have to create a line there too. And some might take their backsplash to the top of their cabinets, but stop them at the top of the cabinets. It is all acceptable and welcome!

With some of those decisions made, now you just have to decide on colours, material, and layout. Time to make an impact!