We have been working on a few new endeavours at Revival Home Renovations over the last little while. It has taken a while to get here—plus an investment in new equipment and learning how to use it—but we wanted to share some of what that looks like. You have asked, and we are making it happen. Built-in cabinets are the newest offering you can get from Revival Home Renovations. Let’s take a look at how built-ins can transform a room.


Built-in Cabinets

living room


Built-in cabinets make a beautiful addition to any room in your home. There is a certain stated elegance you get when custom cabinetry gets added to a space. Not only does it add storage, but it anchors the look of a room, giving it a focal point you can be proud to showcase.

built-in cabinets

Mid Project

While we make custom cabinetry look easy, the process is actually quite involved. We have to work around the room’s dimensions, but also factor in other elements, like existing crown mold, baseboards, and other elements in the room.

For example, in this room we removed the old brick and ledge on the accent wall, before framing in the space for the new cabinets. The cabinets were then built, sprayed and assembled, then installed at the customer’s home. We added shiplap above the fireplace, then finished it by matching the existing crown and baseboards. Once the doors were added, the look was complete.

You can add built-in cabinets to pretty much any room in your home. Think your home office, for storage for all your files, notebooks, and office equipment. A built-in bench in your kitchen adds additional storage for items like tablecloths, placemats, or napkins. As seen in these photos, living rooms and family rooms are the perfect place for built-in cabinetry, to display art, knick-knack, photos, books, and other memorabilia, place hidden storage for games, workout equipment, or other bits and bobs you have.

Do you have a space that might benefit from built-in cabinets? Let the team at Revival Home Renovations bring this stylish look into your home. Put our custom cabinetry skills to work for you.