Collectors Cabinets

Bespoke built-ins built by collectors, for collectors.

We know the value of a good collection, our custom collectors cabinets take your needs into account, and keep your collection pristine.

Custom Cabinetry for Collectors

What good is a collection if it’s sitting in your basement, stacked in dozens of cardboard boxes? You can’t see it, you can’t organize it, you can’t even get to it easily without moving dozens of other things and dragging everything out.

Imagine if your collection was easy to get to, impeccably organized, and truly protected?

Built by collectors:

We’ve spent hundreds of hours building prototypes and designing the exact right drawer configuration, the perfect dimensions, and the ultimate protective capabilities to bring a cabinet to you that will serve your needs and keep your collection safe.

Based on successful designs:

We looked at store fixtures that took thousands of openings and closings, and expanded on that design to create something bespoke, a cabinet you will want to show off in your home, and something that will keep your collection organized.

Available in multiple configurations:

You choose the number of drawers you want, whether you want single or double drawers (we recommend double drawers for stability and adaptability) and what features you want.  We work with you to make your vision happen.

Your collection has cost you thousands of dollars, and it’s unique, so why is it sitting in moldy cardboard boxes? Show it off and be able to access it any time.