What’s the colour of the year for 2022? While you have to check with individual paint companies to get their take on things, they all seem to be leaning in the same direction when it comes to colour trends. Green is where it’s at for 2022!

2022 – A Year of Green

Gray green kitchen

October Mist by Benjamin Moore

The colour trend amongst top paint companies this year leans into the gray green spectrum. Green evokes nature, which is where many of us have spent the last year and a half while trying to escape our home offices. With all that time at home, but finding solace outdoors, it is no wonder we want to bring more of that calming feel indoors too. So it should come as no surprise that the colour green dominated across many of the popular paint companies this year.

Shades of Green

Benjamin Moore chose October Mist, a subtle green that fits perfectly into any home. Yours included. Choose it as a base to let other colours pop through or use liberally throughout. The choice is yours.

Make room for creativity.
Evoking the silver-green stem of a flower,
October Mist creates a canvas for other colours –
and your imagination – to blossom.

Sherwin-Williams Evergreen Fog is another gray green tone to fall in love with. It works well in the bedroom, bathroom, or your kitchen to bring a sense of calm and comfort throughout your home.

Get hungry with Guacamole by Glidden. The folks at Glidden go soothing but with a little jazzier feel. Maybe you will feel it too?

This spirited yet soothing green brings an organic energy to any space, which is needed because we all know you’ve probably killed at least three plants this year.

Breezeway by Behr is a silvery blue-green that is perfect to help accentuate those natural tones in your home.

Introducing Breezeway, a gentle sea glass green, poised to elevate any environment. As part of Behr’s Colour Trends 2022 Palette, Breezeway is a refreshing hue that will help breathe new life into renewed spaces.

What colour do you plan to introduce into your home in 2022? Make your neighbours envious with one of these nature-inspired tones that go with everything.