Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

kitchen cabinet refacingSometimes you just need to freshen up your space. Your kitchen feels dated, but still has good bones. What do you do? Rip out everything to the studs and start fresh? Paint the walls and hope that does the trick? Or does it make more sense to land somewhere in the middle to improve not only your enjoyment, but also the resale value of your home.

Let’s unpack that a little more, shall we?

Can we poke the elephant in the room? Renovating your kitchen is expensive. If your layout is wrong, your cabinets are falling apart, or you want to relocate your entire kitchen, a full renovation or remodel is probably in order, but expect to pay a healthy amount to do so. Depending upon the extent of the work to be undertaken, the quality of materials chosen, and the timeline, expect to pay what you might consider spending on a new vehicle. Or more.

If you have talked to the bank, saved money for years, or just can’t avoid the expense, Revival Home Renovations is happy to work with you. But we also have a suggestion for those who wince at the idea of forking out all that money.

Refacing—it is a far more affordable way to achieve the look you want in way less time.

Ryan and his crew were professional, on time, courteous and did a great job on our kitchen refacing. They were respectful of our home, personable and our kitchen cupboard refacing is beautiful. Their suggestions were helpful and everything turned out perfect.
Would highly recommend them!

Nancy B.

Perks of Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen refacing project

If your kitchen is a good candidate for refacing, we highly recommend considering it.

  • Refacing your cabinets takes days to accomplish, versus the months of planning and weeks of inconvenience during remodeling projects.
  • If the idea of the mess worries you, take heart. Refacing involves replacing cabinet doors and recovering old cabinets with new veneers. No tear-out or demo needed.
  • Refacing costs about half of what a remodeling job does. Think about it. You need far less materials, the actual work takes much less time (reducing labour costs), and there is less need for additional trades to get involved if no plumbing or electrical is included.
  • Where you save money on cabinets, you can put it towards other upgrades as needed. Go from laminate counters to quartz, or include the floor with the money you saved.
  • There is still flexibility to replace some aspects of your old kitchen. Take out a cabinet and replace it with open shelves. Convert a single cabinet to a newer one, without redesigning your entire space.

When to Consider More

As much as refacing is a great option for many people, sometimes you need to to tackle more.

kitchen remodel

  • If you want to change the layout of your space, you probably need to go with a bigger renovation project. Moving plumbing, electrical or walls means for more work, more time, and more mess.
  • When your existing cabinetry is beyond repair, it probably isn’t worth cutting corners. A new door will only hide the problem—not fix it.
  • If your budget allows, it may be worthwhile tackling a larger job now versus several smaller jobs over a longer time period. You will get the complete look you want today, instead of waiting for all the individual projects to reach their completion—and then be faced with starting all over again with the first job that was completed originally.
  • Doing all the work at once might work out cheaper in the long run, when you factor in increased costs (of labour and materials), having to work around existing areas in your kitchen, and obtaining the overall look you desire without compromise.

We would never discourage anyone from a kitchen remodeling or larger renovation project, but also know that sometimes less is more. If refacing your kitchen cabinets seems like the best bet for your home, Revival Home Renovations will gladly go over the options available to you at your convenience. Let’s talk!