Make your Closet feel like a Boutique

Wouldn’t it be amazing to turn your closet into the highlight of the room? 

Sure, we can design a closet to maximize your space–nothing better than having a spot for all your shoes, belts, shirts, and hats. But what if we can also transform your storage and make it feel like a high-end fashion boutique? At Revival Custom Closets, we focus on organization and aesthetics — we’re not talking the DIY wire shelves. Your closet is designed to fit your specific requirements, from walk-in wardrobes to compact reach-in closets. We offer a wide range of materials, finishes, and accessories to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing closet that complements your home. 

Our professional installation services guarantee a seamless and hassle-free experience. With Revival Custom Closets, we want to give your closet the wow factor–something you’ll get excited to show your friends and family (and maybe make them just a little bit jealous).

Reach-in Closets

Transform your ordinary, over utilized (that is code for cramped!) closet into a stylish, well-organized space that ressembles a fashion boutique (say good bye to the builder-grade single bar and shelf) more than a traditional builder-grade closet. Organization is key, but so are the aesthetics.

Make your closet sizzle — so much so that we’ll easily talk you into removing the door! Make the closet the accent of your room. Add a touch of luxury to your everyday routine. With a wide range of materials and finishes, we ensure your reach-in closet is both functional and fashionable. Contact Revival Custom Closets today to turn your closet into a sophisticated, boutique-style haven.  

Walk-in Closets:

If you have the real estate for a walk-in closet, why not elevate it to the next level of luxury and organization. Organizing your closet is the ultimate goal, but wouldn’t it be fantastic to feel like you’re walking into an exclusive shop–and realizing it’s your closet?

Our expertly crafted solutions focus on superior storage, optimal lighting, elegant designs. Tailored shelving, luxurious finishes, and innovative lighting options.  Experience the perfect blend of function and luxury with Revival Custom Closets. Contact us today to design your dream walk-in closet — bring that boutique feel to your home.

Foyer Closets:

Shoes! Coats! Purses! Scarves! All the stuff you’re tripping over, cursing, and losing on a daily basis. Let Revival Custom Closets organize your foyer closet to bring you organization–no more finding that scarf under 3 layers of muddy boots. Not only functional, but the foyer closet is typical the first feature guests see. Let them be wowed (and a little jealous) as you organize your closet into a dynamite feature. 

A custom closet from Revival Custom Closets transforms storage into art, becoming the focal point of any room. With elegant design, tailored organization, and luxurious finishes, our closets add both style and function, creating a stunning centerpiece that enhances your home’s aesthetic and maximizes your space.