As the Old Year winds to a close, so many of us look back at what the year held and look hopefully towards what the New Year might bring. We don’t need to rehash all the glum stats, but we do know that plenty of you spent more time in the kitchen this year than many years previous. As a kitchen contractor, we love to hear that! And we get it too.


Here’s to More Time in Your Dream Kitchen!

Space to sit while you socialize with the chef

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where people congregate to make food, to eat, to talk about the day’s events, and to make plans for the future. We play games in the kitchen, watch videos, have zoom calls, charge devices, and so much more. It makes for a great space for messy science experiments with the kids, bonding over baking, and even mini concerts, as you sing and stir sauces on the stove. Bring it all on!

Pot Fillers make soup prep easy

For those of you looking around your kitchens and wondering what we’re talking about, maybe you need some inspiration to make your kitchen great again? Think about what YOU would do if you had your dream kitchen. What activities would go on in the heart of your home and what changes need to happen to get there? Do you need a fresh coat of paint to breathe new life into your space? Maybe a new counter and updated kitchen cabinets? Or are you ready to go all in, rip down walls, add all the bells and whistles, and re-envision everything about your kitchen?

Stop dreaming. If 2020 has taught us nothing, it has reminded us that we are worthy of our dreams and they deserve to be realized. Kitchens are vital to so much of what we do, so why not give them the recognition they deserve.

At Revival Home Renovations, we are excited to help bring your kitchen dreams to life.


Updates For Your Dream Kitchen

Hand a cutting board to the far side of the peninsula and involve everyone in meal prep

  • If baking is your thing (we saw your Christmas cookies on Facebook!), why not add a cupboard designated for cookie sheets and drying racks. No more trying to figure out how to jenga them in with the pots and pans. Give the pots and pans a drawer of their own!
  • For the Soup Nazis out there, add a pot filler to make the process easier on your back. Soup for everyone!
  • Dreaming of entrees that fill your home with delicious scents that elicit visions of faraway places? A spice drawer is just the thing to take you there, until we can travel the world once more.
  • Want to bring more people into the kitchen to help with the making or to keep you company while you cook? Knock out a wall and add an island! Or redesign your peninsula with space for seating. Adding seating makes for the perfect spot to chop, socialize, and gather together.
  • Creation can sometimes get messy. Add a sink to your island to make cleanup a breeze. A pullout waste unit takes it up another notch.


What can we help you achieve in your kitchen in 2021? Contact us and let’s make your kitchen dreams a reality together!