This is the End… Panel

End panels. What are they? Typically, you find end panels on cabinets in your kitchen. Kitchen cabinets consist of boxes, with either drawer fronts, or cabinet doors within them. When you get to the end of a row of cabinets though, they usually require a finishing touch. In steps end panels.

End panels typically take their style from the rest of the cabinet styling. If you have shaker style cabinet doors, you will often see an end panel with a shaker style design to match the cabinet doors.

What purpose do end panels serve though? As the end units are typically exposed, the panel provides a decorative finish to hide it. At Revival Home Renovations, we also offer decorative molding at the bottom of the base units to finish the look as well.

While you usually see these details in base cabinets, upper units sometimes differ. Often times the upper cabinet ends will feature smooth panels, as the area is smaller or less visible. Not always though. We can also feature the same profile as the rest of the doors. It ultimately depends upon the look the client wants to achieve.

There is also another look to finish cabinet ends that is different again, but doesn’t feature the style of the cabinets at all. Some customers choose to finish cabinet ends by extending the kitchen counter with a waterfall counter. This is another stylish option to consider, although the cost is typically more.

Or you could even switch it up to customize your kitchen as you see fit. As you can see in this kitchen remodel, the client went with flat end panels for their uppers and lowers, but matched the shaker profile on the island and in the decorative panels on the pantry. We aim to please!

So while you are considering what style of kitchen cabinet you would like to feature in your next kitchen renovation, factor in one more decision to make—what are your end panels going to look like too?