Time to Visualize

Not everyone has a strong ability to visualize changes in a space. Some people need visual aids in order to truly get a handle on what something might look like once a kitchen renovation occurs. That doesn’t mean you have to leave everything to chance or hope though. While we don’t create a life-size model, Revival Home Renovations does have ways to get us all on the same page when it comes to kitchen designs. We make kitchen designs easy to understand, so decision making is as smooth as possible.

Kitchen Designs with Revival Renovations

Cabinet Door

The first thing we introduce when it comes to designing your kitchen are samples. Ryan has plenty for you to go through in order to truly appreciate colours, styles, and shapes of all the elements you plan to change in your kitchen. That goes for countertop materials, cabinets, and even flooring. While showing images on a computer is a great, sometimes having actual materials on hand is a better option for some.

Once you know the scope of work to be undertaken—refacing, a minor kitchen renovation, or a full kitchen remodel—then we move to selecting finer details. When cabinets remain in the same place, it is relatively easy. When renovations are more extensive, like when walls are removed or plumbing is relocated, this process takes a little longer. Sometimes it requires more aides as well. Not a problem.

3D Renderings

For more complex kitchen renovations, another option is to include kitchen designs and 3D renderings. A 3D rendering is a computer generated model of your kitchen design. It illustrates the layout and details of your design, to give you an accurate picture of the scope of work. There is no guesswork involved as far as what your kitchen will look like once renovations occur. You get colour images that show where all items are located, including appliances, cabinets, their profiles, backsplash, flooring, and other details.

Want to switch something out? Change a colour? Move a cabinet? With a few clicks, you get a whole new design that shows you the choices you have made.

Need to visualize that too? Here are a few before and after shots of a recent kitchen renovation, plus the 3D rendering to illustrate what the final kitchen would look like once renovations were complete.

As you can see, we moved the sink, stove and fridge locations, so there was a lot for the homeowner to visualize. With the help of a 3D drawing, it is far easier to see the finished product though.

Between physical samples and computer-generated renderings, we work hard to ensure you know what to expect with your kitchen renovation. Each choice you make changes the look of your space and we want you to be happy with the final product. Customer satisfaction is important to us. If these aids help you to visualize the finished product, we are happy to provide them.