Choosing kitchen cabinetry is a major part of any kitchen transformation. Typically, they cover the bulk of the kitchen, so you want to make sure you like the material, finish, and style of them. But did you know that you can go beyond just basic cabinets when it comes to kitchen storage? Kitchen cabinet options have come a long way in the modern kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Options to Consider

Storage is one of the most important aspects in any kitchen design. Not all storage is created equal though. Gone are the days of one size fits all kitchens. Today, you have any numbers of options to choose from. Wondering what kind of kitchen cabinet option is right for you? Let’s look at a variety of cabinetry options you can choose from.

An assortment of kitchen cabinet options

Kitchen Cabinets: 

When it comes to kitchen storage, kitchen cabinets are generally the best place to start. They hold all your kitchen implements, from plates to cups, to food processors and food storage containers. You have a wide variety of colours and panel styles to choose from, not to mention a vast array of different sized cabinets and drawers as well. The perks of cabinets with doors, is that they hide whatever is behind them, so if you have mismatched dishes or don’t organize your glassware in an aesthetically pleasing manner, no one will know unless they open the doors. Plus, cabinet doors reduce the amount of exposure of dust and grease on whatever is stored inside.

Open Shelving:

On the opposite spectrum of kitchen storage options, a current popular look is open shelving. With open shelves, everything is on display. There are no boxes to enclose whatever items you place on them, which makes for easy access to your things. They are the perfect answer to display collections, plants, accent pieces, and items you reach for every day.

Mullion Glass Door Cabinets:

For those wishing to display items, but also protect them from dust and grease, another option is going with mullion glass doors. You get the perks of a cabinet, married with the aesthetic appeal of open shelves. Add lighting to create visual appeal. Choose clear glass or something frosted to soften the look. They break up the look of a bank of solid cabinet doors and add visual appeal.

Open Cabinets: 

Sometimes you want the structure of a cabinet, but the ease of access you get from open shelving. Not a problem. You can also include open cabinets to add to your kitchen storage options. Think wine racks, open boxes for cook books or stand mixers, or even going the route of cabinet boxes minus the doors for an eclectic open concept look for all your dishes.

There is another option when it comes to your kitchen storage. You can combine them all. Add in a mullion cabinet door to break up the look of panel doors. Remove a cabinet to feature an open shelf or two. Incorporate an open cabinet for an additional detail that takes your kitchen design look to the next level. The choose is yours and is only limited by your imagination.

What look do you like best in kitchen cabinetry design? How can Revival Home Renovations make your dreams happen? Talk to Ryan to see how we can transform your kitchen with the right kitchen cabinet options for you.