As the year winds to a close, now is the perfect time to look to the future. What is hot in kitchen design trends for 2022? Will we continue to see classic white elements or are there new styles on the horizon? If 2022 is the year you finally plan to renovate your kitchen, take note of some of the hottest new design trends we have seen at Revival Home Renovations.

Kitchen Design Trends for 2022

Trends come and go. Dated kitchens are definitely a no-no in our books. Check out what we’ve seen trending in kitchen designs, as we move towards 2022.


Kitchen backsplashes have been around for many years for good reason. They protect the areas around the stove and sink from splashes and spills and they continue to feature in kitchens moving into the new year. At Revival Home Renovations, we are seeing the creativity in backsplash designs kick it up a notch. Clients are looking for more detailed designs and motifs. Think more complex patterns and feature sections set within the larger backsplash areas. In addition, backsplashes are taking up larger surface areas, sometimes covering entire walls or stretching into adjoining walls. They are sure to steal the show in 2022, as a highlight in any kitchen design.

Kitchen Counters

Kitchen countertops are always a major piece in any kitchen renovations. As 2022 looms into sight, Quartz counters are stealing the spotlight. For good reason…

HanStone is a hard, non-porous, natural quartz surface, making it the ideal choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

~ HanStone Quartz

You don’t have to look far for those quartz countertops either. We are blessed to have HanStone Quartz located right here in London, Ontario. They have a wide variety of colours and designs to choose from and it is made right here in London! No worries with shipping delays there. Talk to Revival Home Renovations to see samples today.

Kitchen Cabinets

Don’t mess with a good thing when it comes to your cabinets. There are variations aplenty, but Shaker styles still get the majority of our interest. They work in traditional and modern kitchens alike and come in a variety of colour choices too. We are seeing an increased interest in blue shades, but white still dominates the colour wheel from our experience.

Open Shelves

For those looking to shake things up, kitchen design trends for 2022 see floating shelves hitting their stride. The open shelves create a focal point for cherished items to rest, without losing the overall storage you get from full sized cabinets. Expect to see plenty of mixing and matching of a shelf or two in with the rest of your cabinets for a look that is sleek and modern.


When everything you touch is gold, why mess with it? We saw gold hardware gain in popularity a few years ago, and it is back again in a big way. People love the look of this classic metal finish for good reason. It goes with plenty of finishes and adds a rich look to your kitchen décor. If you are wondering how to finish your kitchen, go for that golden glow in 2022.


Hood vents aren’t just about function anymore. We have seen more and more people lean towards decorative kitchen hoods that give them a whole new focal point. And why not? With their prominence at eye level, they deserve the attention they are getting moving into the new year.

After spending so much more time at home over the last few years, kitchens are getting the attention they deserve. If covid served to push kitchen renovation plans to the forefront of your priorities, reach out to Revival Home Renovations to see how we can revive your kitchen with what see in the kitchen design trends for 2022.