Can we talk about kitchen drawers for a minute? Sure, they are a great place for forks and knives, but they have come a long way since the sticky wooden boxes that were a catch-all for everything under the sun. Today’s drawers need to be smooth, sleek, and organized. When you tackle a kitchen renovation, we make sure that you get just that.

Kitchen Drawers

What do you want in a kitchen drawer? What options are on the market to meet your needs? Let’s take a look at that.

For starters, we can all agree that a little organization goes a long way. That is why today’s drawers often feature trays that make your life easier. Whether you are looking for utensil trays, spice cabinets, or a garbage pullout, when you have a dedicated space for everything, life just runs smoother.

Speaking of smoother, modern drawers now have better technology too. When you opt for a full-extension drawer with soft-close feature, you get a sleek design and great functionality. Not only can you access the entire drawer, but they can handle upwards of 140 lbs. Plus, the soft-close rails make for a smooth and quiet operation. No more jammed drawers or squeaky sounds as you try to open and close them.

For an upgraded, quality look, you can even opt for beautiful dovetail joints. Dovetail joints are snug-fitting interlocking pieces, called pins and tails. The tail is a trapezoid shape cut into the end of your piece and the pin is a matching void to slide the tail into. They are a mark of craftmanship and help make joints stronger.

If kitchen renovations are in your future, look into what options you have available and whether they are worth it for you. When it comes to items you use every single day, you just might decide that upgrading your drawers is the best decision you can make. Let’s talk about it!