Kitchen Gadgets

Choosing design elements in your kitchen goes beyond the counter and kitchen cupboards. There are plenty of new and wonderful gadgets you can include in your overall kitchen design. Think about what parts of your kitchen are most important and how you can incorporate them into your space. Are you a chef extraordinaire? How about adding in a custom spice drawer. Are you looking for a way to include your eco-footprint in the design? Why not install a pullout garbage, so you can easily sort garbage from recycling at your fingertips. Or maybe you want to add in a special collection into the feel of the room. Custom cabinetry is an easy way to add your very own personality into your space.

Think that is over the top as far as budget goes? Not really. These custom touches in your kitchen design are easy to include in the planning phase and no harder to implement during kitchen construction. Think about what kitchen gadgets might make your life easier and let me know when it comes time to finalize a plan. Together we can make the kitchen of your dreams with Revival Home Renovations.

Spice Drawer

Stop searching for spices in the back of your cupboard. Add in these custom drawers, perfect to display all your spices at a glance.

Garbage Pullout

Don’t worry about walking outside to the recycling bin every time you want to toss a can. Install a handy pullout garbage where you can sort your waste, at the ready.

Custom Cabinets

Looking for something a little different in your kitchen cabinets? Add in a glass-fronted cabinet to showcase a special collection. Better yet, make the whole cabinet door glass, so you can see your grandmother’s good china or your collection of cut-glass crystal.

There are plenty of other ways to customize your kitchen design. Let’s make yours special too!