Kitchen Islands


Kitchen Islands; they are every homeowner’s dream. A work surface. Handy storage space. New seating and eating area. A pivotal focus for your kitchen. They can contain sinks, appliances, and electrical. They range from simple portable carts that can be moved around your kitchen, to eye-popping structures that dominate your space. What they are made of is just as varied. You can find them with spectacular granite counters, or with a more industrial feel with galvanized pipe legs. The designs are endless and only limited by your imagination. Think wood, metal, granite, quartz, tile, and even laminate surfaces.

Are kitchen islands right for every kitchen though? Not necessarily. A kitchen island is a freestanding structure. As such, it takes up a lot of space. You should ideally leave about 42 to 48 inches (106.68 cm to 121.92 cm) of space around an island for walking and to ensure adequate workspace. That means that if you have a small kitchen, a permanent island might not work for your room. You could compromise with a portable unit or stick with whatever counter space you have.

Of course, if you are dead set on an island, you could always knock out a wall to create that open concept kitchen with a kitchen island of your dreams. Contact Ryan today to discuss your kitchen remodelling ideas with a kitchen island that will make a statement.