Kitchen storage. If you don’t have it on your kitchen wish list, you should. It is one of the top reasons to renovate a kitchen, and often why people pick full remodels over simpler kitchen renovation projects. Refacing cabinets is great, but if it doesn’t add to your overall space, then it might be time to consider a kitchen remodel. Do you always need to jump straight to remodelling to gain kitchen storage space though? Not always.

How to Create MORE Kitchen Storage Space


It is the easiest answer, but sometimes the most overlooked. Do you really not have enough storage space, or is the problem actually too much stuff? Think about it. Do you use that Instapot, crock pot, deep fryer, rice cooker, mix master, bread maker, and all those other small appliances that fill your limited cupboard space to overflowing? Are you holding onto your Great Grandmother’s chipped china for sentimental reasons? How many of your frying pans are actually free of scratches and why do you hold on to the rest of them?

Purge! Sometimes taking stock of what you have, what you use, and what you should probably get rid of is enough to create more than enough storage space in your kitchen. If you have dishes from the past three sets of plateware, maybe you could thin it out a little. Same goes for cutlery, pots, and pans. Keep the essentials and donate the rest to a thrift store. Your budget will thank you for it.


kitchen storage

Smart storage ideas are a great way to create more kitchen storage space

A little organization goes a long way in space saving. Instead of throwing random items into cupboards, try to organize them to maximize your kitchen storage space. That might look like adding a spice rack/drawer in a kitchen cabinet. Or maybe stacking mixing bowls, tupperware, glasses, or whatever else can be stacked instead of individually placed into cupboards. You can also purchase lid racks to store them vertically, hang mugs or wine glasses with space left underneath for other items, or consolidate bake ware into one designated space. Get creative! You never now how much space you might create with just a few simple alterations.

Kitchen Remodel

Purging and reorganizing are great first steps in creating kitchen storage, but sometimes even that is not enough. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and rip down walls, add kitchen cabinets, move appliances, and more. There are some kitchens that just scream for a full-on kitchen remodel to maximize space. How do you know if it’s time for a kitchen remodel at your house?

  • you don’t have enough cabinet space regardless of how you organize it
  • the layout of your kitchen doesn’t maximize the space you have
  • outdated designs thwart your ability to expand into potential space

If you crave kitchen storage space and can’t find it on your own, talk to Ryan about how you can create the kitchen of your dreams with storage anyone would be jealous of. Schedule Revival Home Renovations for a quote today.