Kitchen trends. What’s hot? What’s trending? What is going out of style? These are questions homeowners should ask themselves before tackling any kitchen renovations, but a better question might be, do you need to follow those trends at all? The answer—not necessarily.

Should You Jump on Today’s Kitchen Trends?

Brief History of Kitchen Trends

There are plenty of kitchen trends that have come and gone over the years. The 50s were all about colour, with bright pastel cabinets and matching appliances, set against formica countertops. In the 60s, colour jumped to a whole other level with vibrant oranges and greens paving the way to a psychedelic look that is easy to spot today. By the 70s, colour was getting a little more muted with earth tones and wood taking over from previous decades. The playful themes of the 60s matured into the retro harvest gold you still sometimes find today.

Was all that colour overwhelming? Possibly, as by the 80s we saw it drain away into white—white cabinets, white walls, white appliances—all for a cleaner and calmer look. By the 90s, nature was knocking at the door again, with oak cabinets resurfacing. Tchotchkes were put away for a minimalist look and laminate countertops were all the rage. If it wasn’t laminate, tile counters got the nod, as did the brass fixtures that featured everywhere. As we stepped into a new century, looks changed again for a more modern look. Where some had explored open kitchens in the past, they now took center stage.

The Fluidity of Trends

What’s hot in kitchen trends in 2022?

The point is, is that trends are just that—popular fads for a season. Today, brass is back with a more polished look. People are clamouring for this hot trend seen in so many new kitchen inspiration pictures. How long will that last though? Glazed tiles are popping up in backsplashes replacing the matte tiles of yesterday. What might be next in backsplash trends? Likewise, range hoods are gaining a spotlight in the kitchen, as the new focal point with custom hoods. And lighting has moved from the single overhead lights from decades past to a wide range of layered lighting options. Do you get where we are going at here?

What else should you keep in mind? While kitchen islands are nothing new, their multi-functional use dictates their design today. As far as countertops go, modern homeowners would never dream of installing tile counters today. Quartz is where it’s at, with quartzite, granite, and wood being other popular options too. And while white will always have a place in the kitchen, all-white kitchens are being replaced with softer palettes or two-tone looks. Trends come and go.

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Kitchen Design for You

So how do you know what to choose when it comes to kitchen design? At Revival Home Renovations, we encourage you to explore current kitchen trends to start. This will give you an idea of what options are out there, for one, but you should also use it as a measure to see what you like. We caution you to temper that with the knowledge that trends come and go. Kitchens from the 60s or 80s are easy to spot. If you pick all your design elements based on popular kitchen trends of today, in a few years YOUR kitchen will have that same dated feel you get when you see linoleum today. Instead, see what works in your space and think about what might have staying power when it comes to kitchen trends. Opt for quality finishes, timeless elements, and what you want to see for years to come.

As most kitchens have approximately a 20-year lifespan, remember that when you contemplate modern trends. Are they worth pursuing? The answer is up to you.