Every home needs a kitchen. There are some activities, like baking, that require more space to undertake. What does that look like? How can you achieve that? Revival Home Renovations has a few tips and tricks to suggest.

The Baker’s Kitchen

Any activity in the kitchen requires a certain amount of space, but none more so than while baking. When you set out to bake, you typically need access to the oven, ingredients from your pantry and fridge, plus sufficient counter space to pull everything together, not to mention all the tools and equipment required. You need room to work and make that baked magic happen. 


Here are some of the typical tools you may need to pull out when baking;  
  • stand mixer
  • hand mixer
  • bowls
  • baking sheets/pans
  • measuring spoons
  • measuring cups
  • ingredients
Two people in the kitchen baking

Space Constraints

As you can imagine, this requires a bit more space than for just microwaving leftovers or making a cup of tea. Whether your recipe calls for three ingredients or thirteen, you need the space to pull them all out. A cup of this and a tablespoon of that adds up. Mixed together, it changes everything. And while some ingredients can be hand mixed, other recipes suggest pulling out a stand or hand mixer to get the proper consistency of your dough. That also means having access to an electric source to plug in said equipment. Are you running out of room yet? Don’t forget to preheat your oven while you amass your goodies. 

What is the best way to ensure you have enough space to create your masterpiece? 

  • Clear off your counters before you start to work.
  • Read through the entire recipe before you begin, to see what ingredients you need in which order.
  • If you are working in separate bowls (wet ingredients and dry), have necessary ingredients and tools out for each section of work, ie. small bowl and whisk, large bowl and hand mixer. If space is an issue, work in sections—only pull out tools and ingredients you need for each step. 
  • Place containers aside while you tackle other tasks, ie. move bowl to another counter or stove top while greasing cookie sheet.
  • Put ingredients away as you use them.
  • Clean up your work area as you go, to maximize space every step of the way. 


No matter how diligent you are, some kitchens just have space constraints. If you love to bake, but hate the restrictions you face from insufficient space, perhaps a kitchen remodel is the best answer. Add an island where you don’t have to work around other small appliances or upper cabinets. A peninsula just might work too. Create an appliance garage for your stand mixer or other baking equipment. Or consider creating an open concept space to free up even more room to let your flour fly. Revival Home Renovations can help. And we are happy to take a batch of cookies off your hands once the dust settles too.

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