There are many aspects to kitchen design. You need to make plenty of decisions on what goes where, but once that has been decided, it is time to choose which materials to include in that design. You also need to decide if all of those materials should match or if certain materials compliment one another enough to work in a space. Add to that what is trending, what is available, and what you like, and there is plenty to think about. So the question is, what elements should match in your kitchen?

The Matching (Elements) Game

Matching Hardware to Faucets

Should your handles match your faucet? What about shelf brackets? This area of your kitchen design has some flexibility. A common choice in faucet materials is chrome, but you can get them in black, gold, nickel, bronze, and stainless steel too. You can find all of that in cabinet hardware, but your choices are far more varied when it comes to them. If you want to match your faucet and hardware, it is a good look, but you certainly don’t have to. Sometimes variety is the spice your kitchen needs!

Lighting and Hardware Finishes

So if your faucet and cabinet hardware don’t have to match, what about your light fixtures? The sky is the limit there too! Sure you can pull black, chrome, or gold throughout your kitchen design elements, but again, it is not essential to good harmony. Not to mention the fact that you already have plenty to work with when it comes to lighting choices already, whether you are looking at task lighting, pot lights, pendants, or chandeliers. Some light fixtures are a statement piece meant to draw the eye and stand out. In that way, we feel it is more important to have a cohesive style that works across all your elements than to restrict yourself. But again, the choice is up to you.

Matching Appliance Finishes

When it comes to your stove, fridge, dishwasher and microwave, what is acceptable there? Most agree that they should have the same finish. Even if they aren’t the same name brand or were bought at different times, your kitchen looks more pulled together when the finishes all more or less match. Think all white, black, chrome, or whatever colour you can find that works for you. It is usually best to stick with a monochromatic look in appliances from our point of view. Matching elements for the win here!

Matching Elements in Counters

If you have a large enough kitchen to include an island, does the island counter need to match the surrounding countertops? Good question! And the answer is — not necessarily. While it is perfectly acceptable for them both to be the same material, there is leeway to shake things up when it comes to countertops. Some people choose to use a higher quality material for their island, as it tends to be a centerpiece of the room, with less expensive counters around the perimeter. We would suggest having the different materials and colours compliment each other at the very least, but applaud anyone looking to make a statement with their counters.

Timeless Elegance of Wood

You often find wood in the kitchen. You might see it on the floors, in your cabinet doors, or on your kitchen counters. If you have it in one element, should you include it elsewhere though? And does it need to be the same colour or type of wood?

Ultimately, the choice is yours. We have seen people with wood floors and that’s it. Maybe a cutting board or wooden spoon is all you find in other kitchens. Wood is a popular option for kitchen cabinets, but not even there do you always find perfect matches, as some folks go in for two-tone looks. And a wood block counter doesn’t usually match with other elements in your kitchen, even if it compliments them. That is the beauty of wood though. Even among one species, you get variations in grains and colours, so exact matches are harder to come by. That being said, I don’t think we’ll ever see this natural material disappear from our homes.

So where does that leave us in the matching game? While some things work better together, I think it is safe to say that kitchen design is all about personal preference and a complimentary look. Whether you mix and match elements or go monochrome all the way, make it a space that you love. Now that’s a match made in heaven.