Open Concept vs Closed Kitchens

Opinions change over time. In the 90’s, the open concept kitchen hit the design market. Walls were torn down. Spaces were opened wide, and we embraced all that space. But some people are returning to separate kitchens and the intimacy that they offer.

So the question becomes—Open concept versus Closed kitchens; which format is best for you? Do you entertain? How much space do you have available? How many functions does your kitchen perform? Do you have young children? What works best in your home and for your family? You need to ask yourself all these questions and more before you schedule in a contractor to make major changes to your home.

There are perks and drawbacks to both kitchen designs. We get that. If you aren’t sure which is best for you, think about some of these factors, then talk to the experts at Revival Home Renovations. We can help you decide whether Open concept or closed is best for you. 

 open concept kitchen

Open Concept

  • Great for entertaining larger groups; who doesn’t love a kitchen party in the heart of a home where there’s space for everyone
  • Allows more natural light in; eliminating walls makes for a brighter space
  • Unites family who are performing a variety of tasks; visit with your children while they do homework and you do meal prep
  • Creates multi-functional areas; as homes become smaller, the capability to use a space for multiple tasks becomes even more important to the function of a home
  • Gives a sense of a larger space; the overall square footage of a home doesn’t increase, but a larger room makes the house seem larger
  • Allows for better traffic flow; eliminates extra walls and doors that slow down speed in the kitchen
  • adds real estate value; open concept homes still garner a higher rate of return in real estate terms


Closed Kitchen

  • More intimate; adds a sense of privacy
  • Reduces sound disturbances to others; the rattle of pots and pans doesn’t distract someone watching TV or doing homework in another room
  • Contains kitchen odours away from the rest of the house; a closed door prevents odours from drifting
  • Kitchen messes stay out of sight from the rest of the house; that closed door also keeps out curious or prying eyes from the rest of the home
  • More cabinet space is available; extra walls make for more space for storage
  • Easier to heat and cool; doors and walls keep heat and cool contained within the space
  • Cheaper to construct; less cost to create extra support beams