Trends come and go, but open shelving is here to stay. There are so many reasons why you should consider them for your next kitchen renovation. Not only do they provide great storage, but they look great too! Let’s look into that a little more.

When is open shelving right for you?

open shelving

If you have beautiful pieces to show off then an open shelf is just the thing. Don’t hide your custom charcuterie board in a cupboard or under the sink. Put your cherished vase on display for all to see. Be proud of your possessions and share them with everyone who comes into your kitchen.

Frequently used items may be better on an open shelf than tucked into a drawer or cupboard. Keep it at hand. Kitchen design should always be about ease of use and you can’t get easier than grabbing from an open shelf.

Open shelving can add additional interest to a space, breaking up lines, mixing up styles, and offering different elements into your kitchen design. Whether you go with a different colour or different structure, it adds a modern touch to your kitchen that is hard to beat.

The look can be achieved in a number of great ways. If you aren’t certain about the style, try taking off cupboard doors to see if it works for you. Maybe you have an odd shaped space that doesn’t work in traditional ways. Just add a custom shelf! Or maybe the open space compliments the feng shui of your home—whatever works for you.

Neat freaks tend to love the look of open shelving too. There is something about the precision and neatness of an open shelf that just begs you to keep it clean and tidy. If that works for you, go for it!

Sometimes it just comes down to space. Smaller kitchens can’t always accommodate big cabinets, therefore making shelves more versatile. Alternatively, larger kitchens sometimes just need a little bit more to finish the room. Shelves fit anywhere. That is the beauty of them.

Things to Consider Before Embracing Open Shelving

As great as open shelving space is, it is not for everyone. We get it. Sometimes you just can’t keep ahead of the clutter. Leaving it out for everyone to see on a shelf just isn’t as appealing.

Same things goes for cleaning. A dusty, dirty shelf doesn’t showcase your space to its potential. If you don’t have the time or inclination to keep open shelves clean, they might not be in your best interests.

The weight of the matter is that heavy items don’t work on all open shelves either. Take into consideration what you want to place on your shelf and if it will support that weight. If not, a cupboard might be a better bet for you.

For those ready to jump onto this great trend, add it to your wish list when you book your estimate.