There are so many decisions to make when designing a new kitchen. Who will do the work? What kind of countertops do I want? What options do I have in kitchen cabinets? It can seem like an exercise in patience just to get to day 1 of the actual work in progress, but those decisions are important to consider. Every decision you make affects the final outcome of your kitchen renovation, so taking the time to decide exactly what you want and how it is going to look is imperative.

One of those decisions are what doors and profiles you want in your kitchen cabinets. Just FYI, there are plenty of options to choose from, so start thinking!

Cabinet Doors

Where do you start when choosing cabinet doors? Let’s look at some samples…

Cabinet Doors

Profile - C

Profile C of a cabinet door from TDM The Door Maker showing the rail/stile and interior profile of a door

For starters, what exactly is a cabinet profile? When it comes to cabinets, the profile is the detailing on the front panel of the door. Think of your cabinet door as a slab. Some doors are just a flat panel. Others have a raised or recessed panel that may or may not include rails, stiles, and grooves to give more detail. The corners of those panels can be square or rounded. You can even find flat panel doors with sloped edges. The choices are vast. And that doesn’t even include colours!

There are other options to consider as well when it comes to cabinet doors. You might have panels not included in your door, like end panels. These panels might have profiles to match your cabinet doors or contrast with flat panels. You could also include multiple panels in a door, for instance on longer cabinet doors or for different sized upper and lower doors.

Shaker doors with mullion frames

There is also the option of mullions. Mullions divide a frame into separate sections or sit on top of a pane of glass for a decorative accent. Mullions, or glass panel doors, make a nice accent in your kitchen design and can typically be used on any door profile.

Still have questions? We can discuss all your options when it comes time to sit down for your quote. I even bring samples to help make the decision process easier. Contact us to learn more.