Kitchen storage is one of the top things that people look for when considering a kitchen renovation. It makes sense, as we need room for food, plus all of the tools, dishes, and appliances we need to concoct the delicious meals we create in the kitchen. While kitchen cupboards and shelves are great for large items, kitchen drawers are still best for smaller items like cutlery and other kitchen utensils. Today’s drawers have come a long way though and can do the heavy lifting on plenty of larger items too though. Did you know you have options when it comes to which kitchen drawers you choose though?

Options in Kitchen Drawers

Gone are the days of small drawers you had to dig through to find what you are looking for. Modern drawers are sleek organized boxes capable of holding more and supporting heavier items. It all comes down to the design.

Drawer Slides

One of the most important aspects of a kitchen drawer are its slides. The slides are the mechanisms that allow your drawers to open and close. We only use one type of slide: full-extension, soft close undermount slides. There are some very good reasons for that.

  • Slides are hidden
  • Full extension means they extend FULLY so you can even get to the back of the drawer
  • 22” long
  • Slow close
  • Rated for 70kgs (fill with your cast iron and your slow cookers)

Wait. Cast iron? Reach to the very back of the drawer? Slow close? And you can’t even see them? Exactly. We can even put in organizers so that you can have your spices, cutlery, or utensils neatly arranged just the way you want them. And the higher weight capacity means larger kitchen drawers can accommodate all your pots and pans too. All with the help of some heavy duty slides. No more slamming drawers with these things.

Box Design

The slides are important, but we all know that looks come into play too. Kitchen design is all about the functionality and LOOK of your kitchen. You might not see the slides, but you can see the design of the actual drawer box. For many people, that is an important part of the overall aesthetic in their kitchen.
  • Dove tailed drawers (lacquered) – A gorgeous look that is sure to impress. With a history dating back to the mid-1600s in European cabinetry making, but also found in Ancient Egyptian coffins, who are we to mess with an obviously tried and true design.
  • Metal drawers (a double-walled drawer). For a more modern, sleek look, you can go with metal drawers. The price point is a little more aggressive than wood, but adds a design that is hard to beat for those who covet them.

While we used to use melamine drawers, Revival Home Renovations rarely does any longer. They don’t have the same look or functionality as the other options, so have fallen out of favour.

With all the decisions you need to make when it comes to your overall kitchen design, kitchen drawers might seem like one of the less important ones, but you cannot beat today’s options. You don’t lose out on a thing with the kitchen drawers we use at Revival Home. You just get quiet, quality construction that can take almost any load you put into them. That’s a win for kitchen storage for all!