Back to School Time!

September means it’s time to head back to school. It’s time to organize pencils, binders, backpacks, and more. It is also time to start making lunches, attending extracurricular activities, and doing homework. Groan… Are you ready?!

Before you get overwhelmed, how about making life easier for yourself. As so many of these school activities centre around the kitchen, organize your space to ensure that the flow of activity is as smooth as possible. Think about what activities revolve around the school day and where they happen. We spend so much time on the go, why not incorporate more together time before you fly out the door again. Think multi-use areas, gadget centres, and space for snacks that everyone can access fast.

Tips to Keep the Kitchen & Kids Organized this School Year

  • create a niche for children to do their homework; think space for notebooks/laptops, lighting, and ease of access for you to help as necessary
  • add extra outlets so that everyone has a space to charge their devices — even better, think about adding USB chargers into wall outlets
  • make snack time easier with child-accessible cabinets, shelves, or cupboards for easy access to after-school snacks
  • need space for breakfast, plus room to make lunches — choose a two-tiered counter perfect for both activities
  • worried about edges — opt for gently rounded edges to minimize bumps from fast-moving kids
  • think easy cleanup of floors for messes made by little hands

**Looking for more ideas to keep your family-friendly kitchen running well? Talk to us about what works best for your family!