Byron Avenue Project

$10,000-$20,000 Project

Custom Open Shelving – furniture grade cabinetry

Farmhouse Chic!

The customer had a vision. In a century home in Old South, she didn’t want to lose any of that old-world charm. After sending her inspiration pictures, we set out to design a kitchen that could’ve been original to the home over a century ago. Farmhouse chic! 

Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of butcher block counters– a canvas for culinary creativity. Our Shaker-style cabinetry seamlessly blends modern functionality with classic design, while open shelving captures the essence of old-world charm, showcasing your favorite pieces with effortless grace. Elevate your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal with furniture legs that add a touch of sophistication. Embrace the warmth and character of a kitchen that transcends trends, creating a space where memories are made and stories unfold. Redefine your culinary haven with our farmhouse-chic collection — where tradition meets contemporary living. 

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