Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions about your renovation, we have the answers.

Whether it’s a question about how long your renovation will take, what you can expect during the process, or something as simple as what to do with your pets, we’ve got the answers for you.

Do you supply and install counters?

Definitely! We can price out Quartz, Granite, Corian Solid Surfaces, or laminate.

Can you install a backspash?

Definitely!  We try to provide all kitchen renovation services.

Do you paint the doors?

No. Refacing does not incorporate the old doors–they are discarded. All new doors are custom manufactured to fit your kitchen.

What are the doors made of?

The majority of doors are both manufactured using MDF and then wrapped with a vinyl/polyester material which gives them great resistance to heat, humidity, and are easy to keep clean.

Painted doors (again, we recommend MDF to paint, not solid wood). Painted wood doors have no warranty while painted MDF typically has a 1-year warranty.

Stained doors have no warranty (wood hates moisture and drastic changes in temperature…which is why we recommend the MDF materials).

How long does refacing take?

The refacing installation is typically 3-8 days depending on the complexity of your kitchen. However, since all doors are custom manufactured to our specifications, there is a minimum 4 week lead time.

How much does it cost? Can you give me a ballpark estimate over the phone?

Unfortunately – no. Every kitchen is unique. I must see the kitchen before I could give an estimate.

I like the majority of my cabinets, but there are a few I'd like to change.
No problem. Many refacing renovations are more of a hybrid – a few cabinets are swapped out, a few might be repurposed (change a two-door base cabinet, for instance, into a bank of pot-and-pan full extension drawers).
What about hinges?
All hinges are replaced with a slow-close Blum or Salice clip hinge (depending on the application). This is included in the price. We cannot reuse hinges as it makes the installation progress very difficult.
What are your payment terms?

Depending on timing, there is a 10% booking deposit required, then typically a 30% payment due 4 weeks out from your install date (this pays for all your non-returnable custom products). The remainder is due upon completion. 

Do you offer a warranty?

There is a 1-year warranty on all labour. Lifetime warranty on hinges and drawer slides. Wrapped doors have a 5-year warranty. Painted doors have 6-month warranty. Wood doors typically do not have warranty. 

Do you make the doors?

No. We have several suppliers we use throughout Canada. Some are local suppliers, some are the GTA, and some in Quebec. 

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