Is it hoody season yet? When it comes to kitchens, it is always time for a hood. Kitchen range hoods that is! Let’s clear the air on what to look for when selecting a new range hood for your kitchen.

Hood Vents

What exactly is a hood vent? Hood vents or range hoods are exhaust fans placed over the stove. Their purpose is to draw steam, smoke, heat, dust, cooking odours, and other hazardous materials out of the air in your kitchen. They are highly  recommended to improve the air quality in your home.

Types of Range Hoods

Ventilation Systems

There are a wide variety of types and styles of range hoods on the market. For starters, you need to choose which kind of  ventilation system you want to go with.

Ducted (vented) hoods use ducting to draw exhaust air outside of your home.

Recirculating hoods draw air in and filter it, before recirculating it back into the room. This style of hood vent is efficient where you cannot install exterior ducting

Styles of Range Hoods

Once you decide on the ventilation system, there are other plenty of other options to consider. Do you go with an Over-the-Range microwave, an under-cabinet range hood, wall range hood, ceiling-mount hood, or a downdraft hood vent? Sounds like a lot of options, but circumstances and style preference make the decisions easier.

Over-the-Range Microwaves – If space is an issue, Over-the-Range microwaves are a great choice for hood vents. They incorporate a recirculating ventilation system with the added bonus of the functionality of a microwave. Plus they free up room on your counter by installing the microwave over your stove. While you need to clean the hood filters regularly and they don’t have the same power as ducted hoods, this is a great option to remove unwanted smells from your kitchen.

Under-Cabinet Range Hoods – Under cabinet range hoods have the option of being installed as both a ducted or recirculating venting model. They are installed directly below over-the-range cabinets and can be incorporated into your overall design in your kitchen.

Wall-Mounted Hoods – For those looking to vent your fumes outside, a wall-mounted hood is a great option. No cabinet is required above the stove and they can be vented either straight up or out the back of your wall. They tend to be mounted higher than the previous two hood vents, due to the lack of overhead cabinets and make a statement in kitchen design.

Ceiling-Mounted Hoods – For those with a stovetop on an island or peninsula, a ceiling mounted hood is another option. The venting surface needs to be higher than your cooktop and venting goes straight up.

Downdraft Vents – Unlike other ventilation systems that draw air up, downdraft vents pull air down and to the sides of your cooking surface. This type of ventilation system is used when there isn’t adequate space for other types of range hoods.

As you can see, there are plenty of things to consider when sniffing out your next range hood. Whether space is an issue or style trumps the day, know that we can discuss the ins and outs of hood vents with you when you contact us for a quote. Breathe easier with Revival Home Renovations!