Is your kitchen functional, just not up to date? Often, older kitchens simply don’t have the functionality required, or the living space will change (expand into other rooms, or extensive changes are required) but sometimes, you just want to freshen. If that’s the case, then look at refacing, as opposed to remodeling.

The Differences: Remodeling is to change the fundamental structure of the house. It usually involves lots of gutting, and ripping, and cursing, and basically starting from the studs. The end result is stunning as you have effectively created in a new kitchen. While the this end result can increase the value of your home, maximize your enjoyment of the living area, a full remodel is substantially more expensive, disruptive, and messy.

A refacing is to use the existing cabinetry, lighting locations, and layout. Lipstick.

Cabinets can be refaced by applying veneers to the cabinets, tossing the old doors, and replacing them with sexy new ones. Counter tops can be updated, and depending on your situation, maybe a new back splash added. Add a new sink with taps, some door hardware, and you’ve upgraded and saved thousands.

A quick note on counter tops: yes, the stone counter tops are all the rage, but if you like constant updates (by constant, I mean 10 years) then consider laminate. Natural counters (and the man-made options) are difficult to install, costly, and difficult to remove. In other words — once they go in, they don’t go out. Laminates can be 1/10 the cost (or less!), are easily installed, and easily removed. Want to change the look of your kitchen? Change your laminate counter.