Renovation FAQ

Help us, help you.

We all want the renovation process to be as smooth as possible, these tips and tricks will help make things better.

Smoothing the Renovation Process

  • Clear work areas of furniture, curtains, artwork. Renovating can be dusty, and the less you have to clean later, the better
  • Make your product selections early. Not only will this prevent delays, but it’ll help in the design and build process
  • Leave a number where you can be reached during the renovation
  • Keep changes to a minimum. Revisions can prove costly, both in money and time
  • Keep communication open. If you have concerns, ask them as they arise
  • Ensure that you fully understand the contract and the scope of the job.
  • There will be unpredictability. Every job is unique. No one really knows what’s behind those walls


As long as you’re not moving or adding anything, a permit is not required. If plumbing, electrical components and gas lines require movement then you need a permit. We’ve found that it’s generally easier if the home owner submits the plans and deals directly with the city of London to get the proper permits. Of course, if you’re more comfortable with Revival handling this process, our fee is $175 (plus the cost of the permits).

How long will my project take?

All projects are unique. Revival Home Renovations can give you an estimated time to completion, but please realize that during every renovation, unforeseen circumstances will probably arise. As a general rule of thumb, a bathroom renovation usually takes 2-3 weeks depending on the complexity, and a kitchen will take 3 weeks, again, depending on complexity.


Revival accepts Cash, Cheque, Visa or MC.  The standard payment process is 10% upon signing, 30% upon starting, 30% upon drywall completion, then 30% upon substantive completion.