Shakers. What exactly are they? Before we talk about shaker panels or furniture, let’s look at the group behind the style. While they have almost died out today, their name lives on and their spirit keeps growing in popularity. Why is that?


Hancock Shaker Village, Western Massachusetts, USA; Richard Taylor from Australia, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Shakers were a religious group that formed in the 1700s. The were an offset of the Quakers and believed in celibacy, communal living, equality of the sexes, simplicity, pacifism, and charismatic worship. That initial charisma is what led them to the be named ‘Shakers’, as they were pretty ecstatic during their services. What they were also passionate about though was their attention to detail and durable functionality. When it came to furniture, their reputation was well earned.

“Simplicity is the embodiment of purity and unity”

Part of the belief system in the Shaker movement had to do with simplicity and functionality. Adornment wasn’t necessary. Unless something was necessary and useful, there was no need for it. They valued hard work, attention to detail, and strived for perfection in all they did. It was that attention to detail that got them noticed by the outside world. People appreciated the sturdiness of their styles and that popularity has only grown since then.

Shaker panels

Manhattan Shaker Panels

Shaker Styles

“That which has in itself the highest use, possesses the greatest beauty”

Today, you will find shaker styles in plenty of furniture and designs, including styles in the kitchen. In fact, Shaker panels are some of the most popular style of panels you will find in kitchen cabinetry. For good reason. The simple lines continue to be popular and timeless. In fact, if you look at the door profiles selection at TDM – The Doormaker, they have a dozen different Shaker panels to choose from.

Shaker Panels To Choose From

shaker panels

Vermont Shaker Panels

    • Cambridge
    • Executive
    • Henley
    • Manhattan
    • Nouveau
    • Oxford
    • Skinny
    • Vermont
    • Verona

Traditional Shakers might have something to say about the variety we now have to choose from, but the style remains reminiscent of the simple look and feel that so many have come to recognize and love. If you are looking to replace your kitchen cabinet doors, you can’t go wrong with Shaker profiles. They are popular for good reason and won’t be going out of styles any time soon.