kitchen sink
The kitchen sink. Every home has one. Sometimes even more. They typically have a lifespan ranging from 15 – 100 years, depending upon the material. For example, stainless steel sinks last 15 – 20 years, acrylic and ceramic up to 50, and sinks made from stone could last upwards of 100 years or more, with proper care.

While proper care is key for most sinks, inevitably they all need replacing at some point. The question then becomes what do you replace it with? Material can make a difference between styles. For example, heavy fireclay sinks require more kitchen counter support and tend to be larger. Stainless steel, on the other hand, is much lighter, has more flexibility in design, and is more affordable than other materials. Price can also make the difference, with a range from cheaper materials like composite and man-made acrylics up to more expensive copper and stone sinks.

Regardless of materials or styles that come and go, there are two standard configurations that stand the test of time—drop-in and undermount sinks. As they are still the most popular kitchen sinks on the market, let’s take a closer look at both of them, along with the pros and cons of both.

kitchen sinks

Drop-In vs Undermount Sinks


drop-in sink

Drop-In Sink

With drop-in sinks, the visible lip of the sink rests on top of the kitchen counter. A hole is cut into the counter and the sink is then lowered into place. The overhanging rim and a bead of caulking holds it in place.


  • easy to install
  • more affordable
  • installation possible with any countertop materials
  • better access to clean out debris that builds up between counter and lip of sink


  • debris can get trapped in the lip
  • harder to clean surrounding countertops
  • takes up more counterspace


undermount sink

Undermount Sink

Alternately, undermount sinks get installed from below. They mount to the bottom of the counter and a bead of caulking and clips holds it in place.


  • gives more kitchen counter space
  • easier to keep counters clean, as you can easily sweep dirt into sink
  • often of higher quality
  • adds more value to your home with a more high-end feel


  • more difficult to install with exact measurements required
  • typically requires professional installation
  • cannot be used with certain countertop materials, namely laminate and some tiles

Rest assured that Revival Home Renovations is quite comfortable and capable of installing all sinks. While we do work with drop-in models, we tend to install more undermount ones. Many homeowners feel they have a more attractive look and it is all about making sure our clients are happy with the finished look of their kitchen.

So the question then becomes, do you know how old your sink is? Is it time to replace yours?