Surviving Renovations

Make a plan and stick to it to help ensure that your home renovation runs smoothly.

A renovation is a journey you take with your contractors, your family, and even your neighbours. As with any journey, preparation is everything.

Notify your neighbours

Revival Renovations will notify some of your neighbours about the renovation, but you should consider it too. They’ll appreciate knowing about noise, dust, and extra vehicles on the street. They’re also more likely to be cooperative about things if they’ve been included in the plans.

Set a timeline

Talk to your contractor about the various steps and stages of the renovation. Depending on the scope of your work, usually it goes in this order: tear-out (walls and/or ceilings), rough-ins (plumbing, electrical, HVAC), wall and floors, wall and floor finishings (tile, paint, trim), built ins (cabinetry), fixtures, install accessories, touch ups.

Get an outline of work involved

Revival Home Renovations provides a detailed Invoice which highlights all the work to be completed. We build in a time cushion for the unforeseen. You should include a 15-percent cushion in your budget as well.

Try to move out

In a perfect world, time the renovation to when you are on vacation. Or perhaps you could you live with relatives or rent a place nearby. Quite simply — not only can renovations be stressful, but major components of your home won’t be available. Also think of your pets — can they stay with a friends during the major parts of the renovation?

Plan your meals ahead of time

Set up a temporary kitchen with a hot plate, microwave and a small fridge. Many people choose the laundry room so they have a water source and can wash their dishes in the sink. Plan your meals ahead of time, especially if you are having a kitchen renovation, even if you are not, there will be days you cannot bear the clutter and disorder and will not want to cook. Make food ahead and freeze it. Stock up on plastic and paper products so you do not have to worry about clean up. Call family and friends to plan meals out of the home

Be family-friendly

If you can’t leave during the renovation, plan accordingly. For instance, a kitchen renovation means that you won’t have a kitchen for a while, but maybe you could set up an area in the basement with a hot plate, a microwave, and a small fridge. Involve the entire family in the process. 

Work with your contractor

Communication is key. We are not mind readers, so if you’re dissatisfied, you must let us know before the next phase begins. Check in daily. We’ll have lots of questions of you too — so if you have a partner make sure to discuss it with him. Discuss all concerns as they arise.

Make choices in advance

Choose everything before the work starts — sinks, cabinets, toilets, tiles, colors. Many fixtures have space or installation requirements. If these aren’t factored into the initial planning, then sometimes you’ll be forced to settle for your third or fourth choice because they simply don’t fit. Seriously consider hiring a colour consultant (we know plenty). For many people, this is money well invested. They are experts at picking colours so you only have to paint once…not five times.

Construction dust is inevitable.

Dust gets everywhere. Yes, we use poly walls and drop sheets. But dust is carried on clothes, shoes, pets (!!), and through the cooling and heating system (which, if possibly, be shut off for the messy parts). Consider putting away or covering some of your expensive belongings.

Take pictures of your home

If you take before and after (and during!) shots. Not only is it a great keepsake, but it’ll remind you that the renovation is proceeding well. Sometimes, it may feel that these are the longest weeks, but when you see the pictures, you can really see the amount of work that is getting accomplished.