Taking Stock of Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home. What is it about kitchens that we love the most though? And what aspects of your own, makes you crazy and desperate to change? These are some of the most important things to consider before deciding whether you want to tackle a home renovation with the magnitude of a kitchen renovation.

Are you ready? Time to break it down.  

3 Aspects of Your Kitchen That Make You yell

3 Things You ♥ About Your Kitchen

Think about your own kitchen. Picture it in your mind’s eye. Better yet, step into your own kitchen and look around. What elements do you love? What do you hate? Challenge yourself to circle three items below that are most important in your kitchen and draw a big fat X through the parts of your current you would get rid of in a heartbeat. 

What Goes and What Stays in the Kitchen Renovation?

,How did that feel? Did it give you a little perspective? If you had to pick three items to get rid of, could you do it? Are there any items you would keep?

These are questions that should be at the heart of your decision making before committing to a kitchen renovation. Ultimately, you need to know where to start and how far you are willing to go. Is it enough to switch up lighting or a backsplash, or does the floor and everything above it make you cringe? Deciding what you like—from colour, to shape, to design—is esential to the process. And if you can’t pinpoint what you would like to see in your dream kitchen, we suggest you might want to keep on browsing and dreaming before you go too far in the process. 

We contracted Revival Renovations to complete an update of our kitchen. Ryan and his team were easy to work with from start to finish. They helped with design choices and provided great advice throughout the process. The team that was in our house during the renovation was courteous, friendly and easy to communicate with. They cleaned up every day and were respectful of our home. The end result was even better than expected and looked like a brand new kitchen but at a fraction of the cost. I would highly recommend this company – we hope to use them for other projects in the future.

Matt S

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