Colours: they are everywhere. Everything has a shade or hue that draws the eye. While some are calm and soothing, others are vibrant and energizing. And every year, paint companies announce their picks for paint colours of the year. Last year greens dominated the colour wheel, but every year sees a slightly different vibe emerge for trending colours. What will 2023 hold for the colour spectrum? Trends have started to roll in, so let’s take a look.

Colour Trends in 2023

Experts predict that self expression will dominate the colour world in 2023. What does that look like for you? That’s a pretty individualized decision that only you can truly make. What we can share is how many of the leading paint companies have interpreted what colours might be a good fit to fill your world.

Shades of Pink

Terra Rosa

Terra Rosa by Dunn Edwards Paints

Pink is a beautiful tone that lends itself to self expression nicely. Dunn Edwards Paints understands that and chose Terra Rosa as a colour that should emulate 2023. With notes of burgundy and brown, Terra Rosa is a soft colour to brighten up any space.

Dunn Edwards Paints isn’t the only company to give a nod to the pink family. Sherwin Williams warms up 2023 with Redend Point. Blending beige and blush, this is another colour that leans into the pink family of colours in a versatile and inviting way.

“Embrace a spirit of connection with the world around us with this soulful-yet-subtle hue.”

Sherwin Williams on Redend Point


Blank Slate

Not everyone dipped their brushes into the red cans this year though. The colour experts at Behr tout the Blank Canvas as the way to go for 2023. Blank Canvas is a shade of creamy white that works amazing in the kitchen—and plenty of other spaces too. We know our customers still love white kitchens, so this colour is perfect for you! Pair it with neutrals, earth tones, pastels, or almost any colour you can think of.

All other colours compliment Blank Canvas—Behr’s Colour of the Year

You’re the artist with Blank Canvas—a hopeful and welcoming white with limitless possibilities to transform any vision into a reality.

~ Behr

Vining Ivy

Let Vining Ivy cling to your walls in 2023

For something completely different, Glidden offers Vining Ivy for your consideration. In the blue and green family, this colour pops. While this beautiful colour tops their colour of the year, they also have a range of trending colours to suggest. Maybe Stonehenge Greige, Fossil Stone, or Spicy Mustard might spice up your world in 2023?

Valspar likes to buck the trend too and presents a palette of colours for your consideration every year. For 2023, their Colours of the Year speak to the livability of a space.

Trend-worthy and forward thinking, the Valspar 2023 Colors of the Year are beautiful, livable, ready-to-go shades that restore and rejuvenate any space.

If that sounds about right to you, there are 12 colours to choose from, with something sure to pique your self expressive side. For something a little more fun and interactive, Valspar even offers a Color-verse™ virtual house where you can explore their 2023 Colors of the Year.

The Colours of Your World in 2023

Whatever colours you choose, we think self expression is always an important decision. Think about who you are, what you like, and the feeling you want a space to exude. If that equals one of the trending colours of the year, fantastic, but don’t let the paint experts limit you. Self expression is all about you being you. Time to own that.

Feel free to confer with Revival Home Renovations on what colours work well with other tones. Ryan is happy to weigh in, but also knows the decision is ultimately yours and wants you to be happy. If painting is part of your project list in 2023, may your paint be smooth and no runs mar your surface. Happy painting!

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