There’s GOLD in them there cabinets folks! Well, at least in the hardware and other accents. What do I mean? Well, gold is the hottest colour trend around in kitchen design choices. And no, it isn’t the same as your parent’s brass. Plus, it sure is nice to look at. Shall we take a look?

Gold Hardware

Back in the day, polished brass was all the rage. You can still find it in dated kitchens from the 80s, but that is not the look we are suggesting today. Those polished surfaces can safely be left in the past, as we embrace a new colour trend to consider. If you are questioning what the difference is between gold and brass, it is time you took another look.

Brushed Gold

There are plenty of colours that will always be timeless. Gold is one of them for good reason. Sure it signifies wealth, but it also brings a warmth to a room that cannot be matched. Plus, it looks great with everything, whether you pair it with darker cabinets or let it steal the show against lighter coloured cabinets.

How is this gold different though? Today’s gold hardware has more of a brushed look versus the highly polished brass of days gone by. In fact, the brushed look gives a more sophisticated look with a matte finish. No more shiny mirrored surfaces here.

While different manufacturers have different styles and names, know that choosing gold hardware for your next kitchen renovation is a perfect choice today, plus has the adaptability to look great for years to come.

To see a variety of styles and colours in hardware choices, talk to Ryan when you schedule your quote for your next kitchen renovation. It is amazing the difference the right hardware makes to bring your kitchen design all together. And if you want to be on trend, it doesn’t hurt to contemplate adding gold accents to your room. Trust Revival Home Renovations on that one.

Stay Golden!

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