Custom cabinets go a long way to making a kitchen look stunning. You can choose from plenty of different styles, profiles, colours, and materials. The options might seem limitless, but have you considered one more? Have you ever thought about adding glass inserts into your kitchen cabinets? There are pros and cons to the style, so let’s take a look.

Glass Panel Inserts

Glass panels make for a stunning look in a kitchen. They definitely add a custom look that wows, but does that mean you should convert all your cabinetry to glass-fronted? Not exactly.


  • Glass doors help to protect whatever is in the cabinet from dust, dirt, and grease.
  • Glass panels allow you to display special collections, like your good china or crystal, fancy tins that contain pantry items, or cherished cookbooks.
  • There is a special touch added when you include glass-fronted cabinets in your kitchen design. They take your kitchen design to the next level of custom.
  • There are a variety of options to choose from, whether you go frosted, textured, or stained.
  • Being able to freely see into cabinets makes it easier to find whatever is inside them.


  • Whatever is in a glass-fronted cabinet is on display for everyone to see. That means you need to keep the contents neat and tidy or have everyone see the mess no longer hidden inside.
  • The doors are comprised of two different materials, so cleaning becomes a two-step process for both the glass panel and wooden frame.
  • Some glass cabinets are less durable, so more care is required to maintain them.


As you can see, there are plenty of pros to adding a glass cabinet or two to your kitchen. If you are willing to keep them clean and tidy, they add a certain something to your kitchen. They draw the eye, make your room look bigger, and add a special touch that makes your kitchen just that little bit more open and airy. Would you like to add a glass panel or two to your next kitchen renovation design plans? Talk to Ryan about how that might look when you meet with him.