Trends for 2020 – Two-Tone Cabinets

Looking for something different in kitchen design? Why not embrace the up and coming two-tone trend that is hitting kitchens currently. With so many styles and colours to choose from in kitchen cabinets, why choose just one? Time to mix it up!

Wondering what that might look like? The most obvious choice is to play with colours in your cabinet design. Mix wood and a solid colour like a shade of white. Or contrast dark and light cabinets. Of course, you can also play with different profiles or edges in one area over another. Choose an arched profile in your uppers and rectangular profile for drawer fronts. The choice is yours and there are plenty of options;

Options for Kitchen Cabinets to Make an Impact

An example of profile options for cabinets


  • With colours ranging from whites, greys, browns, reds, blues, and wood grains, there are plenty of options available. Pick one colour for throughout or choose complimentary colours for upper and lower cabinets.


  • There are flat panels, shaker styles, and inset panels in a wide variety of styles. Get the doors that are perfect for your home.


  • Edges no longer need be 90°. Choose from curves, pillows, slants, or hard lines. Whichever edge works best for you.


  • Wood has been around forever in kitchen cabinetry, but thermofoils and prestige doors make excellent choices as well. They offer consistency in makeup, a variety of colours and styles, not to mention ease of cleaning. They are not prone to cracking, warping, or expansion; problems you can encounter with real wood. Get piece of mind with 5-year warranties as well.

To see samples of kitchen cabinets and discuss what might work best in your home, contact Ryan today. We can help you make the decision of whether a two-tone kitchen will fit into your kitchen design.