Most people don’t wake up one day, reach for a sledgehammer, and decide that today is the day to start a kitchen renovation. Renovations take a lot of planning, from saving up, to deciding what you want your new kitchen to look like, and then pulling it all together. Not to mention waiting for your contractor to schedule you in. A major overhaul requires major work and it is a long process.

Don’t let the time go to waste. There is plenty you can do while you are waiting for your renovation to begin. Why not tackle some of these tasks before the dust starts to fly.

What to Do While you are Waiting for your Kitchen Renovation to Start

Get Your Finances in Order

Unless you just plan to swap out a faucet, most kitchen renovations cost a fair amount of money. Depending upon whether you go with refacing, renovations, or a full remodel, the price usually starts at $10k and goes up from there depending upon quality, finishes, extent of work, and more. Typically, most families need to save up to reach their desired budget. Think about how much money you have, how long it might take to save more, and approximately how much you might need to get the kitchen of your dreams. Don’t be afraid to sit down with your financial advisor to make a plan to make your kitchen renovation happen sooner or more extravagantly than originally planned. Why wait? Start today!

Start Researching What you Want

Once your finances are looking healthy, it’s time to do some research. Can you get away with refacing? Is a full kitchen remodel a better option to get your desired results? Do you want to include any special touches, like a sink in your island or built-in spice drawer organizers? There are plenty of decisions to be made, so take the time while you wait for the process to begin to decide what you want your finished product to look like. Flip through house and home magazines. Browse websites that feature kitchen renovations and remodelling projects. Research what finishes might be right for you and your space. See what’s out there and available, keeping in mind what might work best with the rest of your home’s style and decor. Make the waiting process productive, so you are ready to go once the plan is in place.

Contact a Contractor

Start planning while waiting for renovations to begin
Deciding on a kitchen contractor is a big decision. Sure, some projects are easy enough to DIY, but depending upon the scope of work, a professional might save you time and money in the long run. Make sure to interview potential candidates, check references and business ratings, look at pictures of their previous work, and ask lots of questions. Don’t be afraid to get a few quotes to find someone who understands your vision and who you feel you can work with. It is a big decision and having the right person do the job is important.

Order Materials

With your finances in order and your contractor on board, it is time to start the process. Kitchen cabinets take time to come in once ordered, as do kitchen counters. As we’ve learned over the last year, waiting on last minute parts can drag a project on longer than originally intended, so leave plenty of time for all of those materials to come in before knocking out any walls.

Purge and Pack

While you wait on materials, take the time to prepare your space. Kitchen remodelling can be a messy job. You will want to pack as much as you can before the work crew arrives. Remember that a brand new kitchen is the end game, so take this opportunity to get rid of old items that will no longer work in your new space. Say goodbye to that never used rice cooker. Pack up the good china for use once the dust has settled. And don’t forget to roll up area rugs to protect them from the inevitable dust and dirt that comes with renovations. Remove anything that you don’t want broken, damaged, or soiled once the work gets underway

Make Some Meals

The hard truth is that kitchen renovations make your life a little more difficult in the short run. You might not have access to your stove or fridge. Or the amount of storage you are used to. Before the contractor show up, do yourself a favour and prepare as many meals as you can. Not only will it save you on takeout costs (you will get bored of takeout before the remodel is through. I promise you), but it will save you the headache of trying to work without your regular appliances in the interim. Make meals that can be easily microwaved, popped in the toaster oven, or thrown on the barbeque. All those fancy meals that use every pot and pan in the house will feel so much appreciated in your new kitchen once it is done. Don’t forget snacks too!

Kitchen renovations are a lengthy process. Make sure to maximize the time you have before your project gets underway. It just might help you get through this life event smoother!