It’s true. Kitchen renovations aren’t cheap. The good news though, is that they don’t necessarily have to be expensive either. There are plenty of ways to stretch your dollars when contemplating a kitchen refresh. Shall we explore some of the ways to save during your next kitchen transformation?

Ways to Save During a Kitchen Renovation


By far, the best way to save overall when tackling a kitchen renovation is by refacing your old kitchen cabinets. If the boxes are still in reasonable shape, you can use the existing layout and just add new cabinet doors. This step alone can often cut your budget almost in half. You will still have a beautiful looking brand new kitchen, but for a fraction of the price. It also means that you have the option to go with higher end finishes in other aspects of your kitchen, like in your countertop or hardware choices. Plus, when you go the route of refacing, the time required to complete the job is also much shorter. Every job is different, but refacing can usually be done within a week, versus the additional prep and downtime required for full kitchen remodels. They often take months to plan, plus weeks to complete. Something to consider when contemplating a kitchen transformation.

Flooring Options

Refacing is a great way to save

Flooring is a great place to find savings. For starters, if you go the route of refacing, you may not even need to touch the floors at all. If your floors have seen better days though, there are still plenty of great inexpensive options to choose from. Vinyl, laminate, and ceramic tile are all great choices when you are looking for ways to save in your kitchen. There are plenty of colours, styles, and finishes to choose from and all have their perks beyond being cost effective. Vinyl is easy to install and keep clean. Laminate floors have the ability to mimic other materials, giving you a more expensive look at a fraction of the price. And cheap ceramic tiles offer a classic look, with the durability you want, minus the more expensive price tag of higher end tiles. Honestly, most people won’t even notice the difference. But you will when it comes time to pay!

Economical Countertops

Like flooring, there are plenty of ways to save when it comes to countertops. A lot of the options are similar too. Think laminate, wood, tile, stainless steel, solid surface, and even concrete!

  • Laminate countertops are more durable nowadays than older styles, plus they come in a wide range of colours and styles, which often mimic other materials.
  • Wood or butcherblock counters add warmth to your kitchen with a smaller price tag than higher end stone counters.
  • Like tile floors, tile counters are an economical option with a wealth of options to choose from. Using different tiles allows you to even change up the style part way through.
  • Depending upon the amount you use, stainless steel is another option to consider. It is a little more expensive than some of the other options mentioned here, but cheaper than high-end granite counters. Plus it lasts the longest and is easy to clean. Think about using it on the island as an accent piece that will wow visitors.
  • When we mention solid surface, we are typically talking about Corian. Corian has a quartz-like look, but with a fraction of the price tag making it a great economical option.
  • If the idea of concrete counters makes you scratch your head, give it a shake. Concrete is a great looking surface that is cheaper than marble. Something to consider if you are leaning towards an industrial look.
  • Of course, if you are looking for really cheap ways to upgrade your kitchen counters, there is always paint. Definitely the cheapest option that you can DIY too.

Getting a Handle on Hardware

Hardware is another place where you can scale up or down your budget. If you have saved money in other parts of your renovation, this is where you could potentially splurge, but it is also an area where you can save a few dollars too. Every little bit helps! There is so much selection out there in hardware options and a range of prices too. Choosing plastic will obviously be cheaper, but wood is often a reasonable price too. That is just the tip of the knob though. There is a wide assortment of metals, glass, porcelain, leather, and other items, not to mention a myriad of styles. You can even skip handles and pulls altogether by choosing cabinets with cutouts, beveled edges, or rails to slip your fingers into for easy opening. Just note that those rails have a habit of becoming crumb collectors, so require regular cleaning. Prices range from a couple of dollars a piece to upwards of $100. Your best bet is to look at the existing style of your kitchen to determine what might compliment it, and then shop around for economical options. Feel free to ask Ryan too, as he is happy to help you narrow down your choices.

Ultimately, your best bet is to always start with a budget. Once your budget is set, Revival Home Renovations can help you look at how to get the most bang for your buck. Whether that is a splurge on counters, saving on flooring, or compromising on cabinets, we can help you get the kitchen of your dreams within a budget you can handle.