Many folks dream of a kitchen remodel. It’s hard not to when you peruse pristine images of beautiful kitchens on Instagram, Pinterest, or Houzz. The trick is, not everyone can undertake such a large project. Sometimes though, the timing is right to jump in. When is the right time to renovate your kitchen? Maybe now…

When Should you Renovate Your Kitchen

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When should you renovate your kitchen? Only you can truly answer that, but there are definitely times when it makes more sense.

Signs you Should Renovate your Kitchen

When it has reached the end of its usable life – If you can relate to any of these issues you might want to consider a kitchen renovation; cabinet door are peeling or broken, countertops are stained or no longer have a finish, poor design layout, insufficient lighting, not enough storage space.

To improve the value of your home for resale purposes – If you are contemplating selling your home, you might want to consider renovations. It’s a fact that updated kitchens sell houses. People love the look of clean, modern spaces, and a fresh kitchen might be just the thing for potential home buyers to fall in love with your home. A newly renovated kitchen might make the difference between your home sitting on the market for weeks at a stretch to multiple offers and a quick turnaround.

After you buy a house – Sometimes people choose to leave costly updates to the next homeowners. That makes sense when personal taste comes into play. Why make changes that you love, only to have potential buyers turn their noses up at your styles? If renovations are in order, you can use that to potentially give you some wiggle room on offering price. Also, you can factor in the price of a renovation into your asking price, thereby blending it into your new mortgage.

When you can afford it – There’s no getting around the money card. Renovations cost money and can’t be started until you have enough to complete the job to your satisfaction. The almighty budget is always the defining factor when tackling any major home renovation project. While some kitchen renovations are more affordable (refacing projects), often the price of a kitchen remodel is one of the more expensive projects you might undertake. Part of that is due to the many moving parts involved; cabinets, appliances, countertops, lighting, plumbing, electrical, floors. They all add up. And the more you do, the longer it takes, which increase labour costs. Having your finances in order is key to when you should renovate your kitchen.

If you are ready to renovate your kitchen, contact Revival Home Renovations to arrange for a quote today.