Adding built-ins into your home is an excellent way to add storage space in a stylish way. While the kitchen has been home to cabinetry for years, there is no reason why you can’t bring them into the rest of your home. Where would they work? Pretty much anywhere!

Where Should you Put Built-ins?


The original space for built-ins is still the number 1 spot you will find them today. It makes sense, as kitchens require plenty of storage. Today’s kitchens benefit from a variety of looks though and custom built-ins provide just that. Revival Home Renovations has been renovating kitchens for years, so is no stranger to making the most of your kitchen transformation.


The first place you enter your home is a great place to add dedicated storage. How many times have you tripped over shoes, fought with an overflow of coats, or wondered where to put your umbrella? Built-ins are the perfect solution. Create cubbies for coats, seating for when you put on your shoes, drawers for storing hats and mitts, or whatever other purpose you can think of.


Built-in office space

An organized space is ideal for productivity. Having a dedicated space for everything in your office just makes sense. Whether that is cabinets for files and papers, space for equipment like printers, or shelves for all those awards you receive from work—plus a piece of art or two—built-in cabinets help to give a cohesive look to your office.

Laundry Room

Have you considered the laundry room? This space is deserving of love too. Take it from four bare walls to another organized room with a purpose. Built-ins in your laundry are perfect for storing detergents, your iron, and ironing board, but go so much further. They also serve to create space for folding your freshly laundered clothes, enhance the room with decorative touches on shelves, or add much-needed extra space for your kitchen overflow, off-season clothes, or whatever else needs a home.


Bedrooms might be private spaces, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also make them shine. Maybe you don’t have enough storage? Possibly you want to add a small vanity? Or do you just need more room for books on bedside tables? Built-ins can fill all those needs. Whether you want a closet transformation, a luxurious space to sit while you get ready to go out complete with space for jewellery, hair products, and makeup, or custom bedside units to complete your space, think built-ins!

Living Room

Built-ins in a living room

Once you step outside the kitchen, the living room is the second most popular place for built-ins. And for good reason. Your living room is a space to relax, unwind, and entertain. You want it to be pleasing to the eye for yourself and guests, but also functional to house books, games, art, puzzles, and whatever else you want handy in your living room.

Built-in seating

A Few More Spaces for Built-Ins

Bathrooms, workout rooms, pantries, storage rooms, workshops, you name it. Wherever you need storage or seating, built-in cabinetry is the perfect answer for your home. Whether you use it to display your favourite pieces, or to store items neatly, custom designed pieces are the perfect answer for every room in your house.

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