White. It is the symbol of purity, reflects all other colours, and scatters all visible wavelengths of light. White is the opposite of black, but goes well with every other colour out there. It is no wonder then that white remains one of the most popular colours people choose when it comes to kitchen design. And just so you know, white kitchens aren’t going anywhere when it comes to kitchen trends either.

white kitchen

White Kitchens

White kitchens are popular for a lot of great reasons;

  • white compliments all other colours
  • you can spot the dirt, so it is easier to keep clean
  • it brightens up a room, regardless of how much natural light you receive
  • white offers a classic look that stands the test of time
  • it goes well with any style, from modern, vintage, country to traditional
  • white has been likened to honesty, new beginnings, and perfection (need we say more?!)

50 Shades of White

For those of you who think white is boring or without pizzazz, think again. There are literally hundreds of shades of white to choose from, in plenty of different finishes. When it comes to your kitchen cabinets, you could choose anything from antique white high gloss, to white chocolate (off-white with a textured looking dark grain), to a wide variety of solid whites in matte finishes like Ontario white, snow white, or almond. And that is just for your cabinets.

When it comes to your walls, white paint reads like poetry, with shades of spun cotton, whisper white, ivory paper, coconut  twist, and unwind. Whether you are looking for cool, warm or neutral whites, there is a shade for everyone.

Floor options offer even more, throughout a wide range of options in ceramic or porcelain tiles, vinyl, marble, or even painted wood. While we wouldn’t suggest wall-to-wall carpet in the kitchen, runners work too.

Countertops feature white in almost all their options too. Whether you choose a laminate, concrete, quartz, granite, marble or even recycled glass, there is so much to choose from! For every material, there is the perfect shade of white to go with it.

Don’t forget your appliances. They have sported white for years for good reason. Easier to clean and matches with almost everything. You will find white in microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves, and every other small appliance you can think of.

Pop it!

If all that white is leaving you cold, remember that white works well with plenty of other colours too.

  • Two tone kitchens are always popular, allowing you to blend brighter colours with a more neutral white shade
  • Don’t want white everything? Use it selectively as a base colour or accent.
  • Think about using other colours to balance the white via your hardware, backsplash, or faucets
  • Contrast your white kitchen with your other accent pieces, like vivid artwork, glossy plants, comfy cushions, or flowing curtains

Have we convinced you to add some classic white into your kitchen yet? Ready to embrace a change? Reach out to Ryan to get a quote for your next kitchen renovation project today.